Photos from all my other builds, etc...

OLed display running from custom software I wrote on an Arduino for an amplifier controller, it monitors power supply voltage & current, RF power output, reflected power, controls forward bias voltage based on temperature, heat sink temperature reading for fan control, high VSWR shutdown mode, over & under voltage shutdown mode, over current shutdown mode, has external PTT and or RF input sensing. time delayed outputs for RF relays etc...

2M 80W all mode amplifier design by: W6PQL can be RF sense or wired PTT runs on 12Vdc. amp module only needs 50mw input so an on board attenuation is needed to bring the input down to a safe level 4-5W to 50mw

Right: W6PQL 2M amp  / Left: 2M LDMOS amplifier

LDMOS 2M 120w mrf186 Amplifier  (Cheap Chinese eBay amps)

Ebay 2M mrf-186 amp un-populated

soldering of the capacitors and other SMD parts

Installing of the transformer and chokes

Finished 2M 80w amplifier minus the amp module.

completed 2m mrf-186 120w Amplifier 24vdc 4a. Will need extra LPF filtering on output to reduce harmonic spurs.

Bare board for the TNC-X  AX.25  modem

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