Friday, October 7, 2016

Good day testing

Well today was a good day and after a week of playing around with settings adjustments etc I had two good QSO's one on DMR and one on YSF, so far i had no reports of dropouts in audio and reception was good too... I still have a little bit of tweaking on the receive side as I occasionally will get a small drop in audio or digital garble. I was able to confirm that today on the System Fusion side while listening to a reflector off of the internet where the internet didn't drop and my radio had a couple blips. Not sure but may also be my Kenwood radio and hope to get one in from a different manufacturer soon and go back to the test bench.

more pics and details to follow soon on what I did and how I got it all working.


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  1. Any more progress? I had used the DMR system when I used to live down in southern WV. I have been working on getting a dmr system up here in Morgantown for a year now since the move but a lot of people went the fusion route. Now that the mmdvm is out it may be easier. Waiting on the predone mmdvm board..... suppose I may have to try my hand had smd work as I can't get my hands on one at all. Looking to sell one of those predone boards you have there? Have a stack of cdm1550s collecting dust at the moment and only waiting on the board.