Thursday, November 10, 2016

Little HF Playing last night

Checked in to the OMISS 40M & 80M SSB nets last night didn't have much luck with the 40m as band conditions were horrible for me, & too much noise. I did have much more success on the 80 meter SSB band and worked 8 states easily in a matter of no time...

Also using the Netlogger program makes logging QSO's and following the net very easy. and also allows quick and easy uploading to Eqsl and LOTW.

Worked or been worked by: N2KED, KB8VRK , W4DFR, N2TRJ, W5HEH, WB0YBZ, and couple others, will update my call list when I look at my logs again.

As of last night I made my 2 worked stations quota for membership and now an now a member of OMISS.  My member number is: # 10875


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