Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Got my email from OSHpark that my SP8NTH 6.0 boards have been shipped and my components from Digikey are on the way. I hope to have them Friday and the fun part of  assembling them. all SMD components so will take a little time doing by hand.

If all goes well I should have a working repeater in the following week and start testing the software and reflectors. I also got the build successfully running on the Odroid C2 hardware and noticed major difference in performance compared to the Raspberry Pi 3 although I loose on board WiFi on the C2 I can always us a usb wifi stick if needed... The nice feature on the C2 is the gigabit Ethernet interface, also with the large heat sink and more on board ram would make it a nice candidate for using one as a dedicated YSF-Reflector.. Well theres more time to play with that later on....

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