Thursday, September 15, 2016


Well hello and welcome to my little spot on the web,  This will be sort of a personal page / blog about my journeys into amateur radio.   I have been around amateur radio ever since I was a kid with boy scouts and some family into electronics rf and anything technical I was always amazed by it all...I never got fully into ham radio till about 2014 and getting my Technicians licence and since then its been full speed....

Now as an Amateur Extra licence holder I have privileges to many more RF bands and being an Engineer by career  I have been heavily involved in building and designing many things.

The greatest thing about amateur radio is you are encouraged to experiment, try new things, build radios, amplifiers, antennas etc.. Most of the things that exist today are because of the experimenters and thinkers.

Im glad to be involved in it and look forward to meeting tons of like minded people who all share the same thing. be sure to check once in a while there will be much more to post....

Take care


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